Friday, August 05, 2011

Several Girls Galore: The Noise We Make (EP)

Although this particular band name might bring to mind the swirling result of multiple effect pedals, visions of surreal on-stage light shows and a following of seaweed dancing teenagers from 1988 to match, any resemblance to My Bloody Valentine seems to be in name only. In contrast, Several Girls Galore is the wonderfully understated solo music project of Hastings-on-Hudson, New York musician Will Vunderink. The latest of five releases over the past few years, titled The Noise We make EP, provides another effective chapter of clever and simple song structures which remain compact enough for traveling within compartments of a seasoned pochade box. For listening to the entire catalogue, please visit the Several Girls Galore Bandcamp page as well as the SGG Stereo Wagon. Good stuff for you here...

MP3: Ten Weeks

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