Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Run

We Run is a Brooklyn, New York trio consisting of musicians Alexander Gruenburg (guitar, vocals), Martin McDonald (bass guitar, synth) and Jeremy Duvall (percussion) who only recently formed to create music in January 2012. Already there have been a handful of local performances and a debut, self-titled, mini EP presenting three songs, the first of which found us reaching for old Sabbath records to dust off at our inaugural listening session. A measured pace, along with endless potential in each raucous turn of those driving guitars leaves our ears and outdated computer speakers wanting for much more in the volume department. Visit the We Run Bandcamp for more listening and look for certain MML updates on this straight-up rock. Enjoy the love with a track called Like.

MP3: Like

We Run is also tentatively scheduled to perform live on June 2nd at local Brooklyn/Park Slope venue Union Hall. Please check the links above for updated info.

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