Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Free Electric State: Monumental Life (LP)

Admittedly, we are hardly ever punctual in mentioning new records that become available to us, but in this particular instance a date has arrived and the listening is more than a bit splendid. Alarm clocks chime and we can now report that Durham, North Carolina based four piece Free Electric State have an impressive new full-length album, titled Monumental Life, to share with all ears. Originally featured here with an introduction in November 2009, then again for their debut LP Caress in April 2010, contributing musicians Shirlé Hale (vocals, bass), David Koslowski (guitar, vocals), Nick Williams (guitar, vocals) and Tony Stiglitz (drums) continue to evolve their low key sound while making certain that consistency is key.

Released only just today, through lovely Virginia Beach record label Custom Made Music, the new LP Monumental Life is now available on both CD and a limited edition vinyl press. Within the feel of this latest collection of nine songs, brought on by a series of recent tragedies among band members, exists a series of dark moods reflecting both loss and regret to fuel a decidedly hollowed out backdrop. Even with the semi-purposeful influence in sound, a solid and downright beautiful delivery gives every track our full and repeated attention. Another early favourite for 2012? Please have a listen.

MP3: All Done Before

The next live performance will take place on May 18 as FES takes the stage at local Durham venue The Pinhook.

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