Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Silo Halo: Night And The City (LP)

Keeping in loose touch with some of the record labels who have graciously donated sounds of their artists has certainly kept us ear-deep in lovely music for more than a few years. A blessing indeed, but this time we have the fortune of revisiting an MML favourite, with musicians from two previously showcased bands. The Washington, DC trio of Christopher Goett (featured in 2008 and 2009 with Girl Loves Distortion), Greg Svitil (featured in 2007 and 2008 with The Antiques) and Christin Durham have now blended their multi-instrumental talents to form Silo Halo. Since their initial collaboration in 2010, the band has written and recorded material for a debut full-length album, titled Night And The City, which is set to be released through local label ETXE Records next week on April 10th. A live performance will also take place to celebrate the new record on April 14 at local DC venue/table-sport/pizzeria Comet Ping Pong. If only we lived closer.

Somewhere between the beautiful drone that begins with intro track Silhouette, and ferocious roar at the close of side one with I'm Still Slamming My Head Against A Brick Wall, we found our sweet spot in the song Wonderful Gift. Speaking of gifts, any one of the understated songs belonging to Night And The City could easily serve to highlight this impressive LP, while also reminding us why we continue to love the hollow, medium-fi offerings from ETXE Records. Silo Halo is a definite keeper. Have a listen?

MP3: Wonderful Gift

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XtinDC said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. We'll be in Ohio on May 5th at the Ottawa Tavern in Toledo with Fangs Out and again on May 12th at the Happy Dog in Cleveland with Field Trip!