Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Sugarettes: Destroyers Of Worlds (LP)

It's been quite some time since we've had the opportunity to listen in on the musical offerings and impressive lineup of Eindhoven, Netherlands-based label Subroutine Records, but now there is a new release from the very first artist to make us fall head over heels. The Sugarettes instantly became a favorite back in January 2007 when we highlighted their debut EP Sugarette City, then grew on us exponentially later that very same year after releasing the LP Love and Other Perversities and allowing us another shout in September 2007. Since that time, the band has been on an extended hiatus, with members involved in spinoff music projects The Very Sexuals [MML review: June 2008] and Nikoo [MML Review: March 2010] All history aside, the brand new full-length record, titled Destroyers Of Worlds, was just made available a couple of days ago and the eleven tracks belonging to this most recent release could not have made the delicious chills move up our collective spine any more quickly. From the beginning rumbles of Love In Stereo, and throughout this entire roller coaster of meaty guitars and celebratory vocal cheerleading, The Sugarettes manage to deliver both their original flavor and lightly-threaded classic alternative influences while boasting more energy in the evolution. Destroyers Of Worlds is a brilliant record that serves to remind us that it is never too early for keeping a Best of 2012 list somewhere in the back of our minds. Two lovely songs for you.

MP3: Love In Stereo
MP3: Spring Break

The next live performance will take place on April 22 as The Sugarettes inhabit a stage at Hoensbroek music festival Brookpop 2012.

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