Sunday, February 13, 2011

Colour Bük

Walking into a record shop during the early 1980s was almost always a risk worth embracing. With only a few dollars in pocket, no local college radio station or any clue what to expect, music purchases were often based on cover art and what little information could be found on the sleeve. As a result of those years, a collection of outlandish sounds began to fill shoeboxes and crates to shape current tastes in music. Today, we have the opportunity to revisit our adventurous instinct and dumb luck with a featured artist who happens to fit in perfectly with everything we've grown to love in our continuous audio experience. Colour Bük is the Amityville, New York duo of Adam Kastin (previously of NYC band Le Rug) and Brandon Wulle who have taken the past few years to create, perform and release snippets of their very own brand of experimental noise. The latest EP, titled Our Favorite Fucking Day Of The Goddam Year, was made available via cassette tape late last year through Wir Wollen Records and contains sound-textures that vary from traditional studio/bedroom instrumentation to sampled field recordings of what can only be explained as a beautiful clash of kitchen utensils or walkie-talkies under boiling water. For a completely free download of the EP and information on their upcoming full-length album Licht Dinger, which should debut once the weather warms for 2011, pay a visit to the Colour Bük Bandcamp page. A listen for you...

MP3: The Magic Keys To Conversation

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Kitchen Utensils said...

Thanks for the information on Color Buk, they sound like a great music group worth investigating. I had no idea that music sales used to happen in person and were dependent on the presentation of the cover art. It's amazing how much the music and entertainment industry has changed over time.