Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Quiet Lights: No More Canyons

Although new singles and demo tracks are often a staple of our daily listening regimen, we usually find patience enough in waiting for a full-length release to arrive before spilling the sounds. In the case of our featured artist this evening, however, a sense of euphoria quickly developed and here you have the goods. Quiet Lights is a Brooklyn, New York troupe of five musicians who have been writing, recording and performing together since 2009. An impressive result of the their collective effort is a brand new single, titled No More Canyons, which has just been made available for digital consumption and set to be released in the form of a limited press (sky blue) vinyl through both Eastern Seaboard and Old Flame Records on February 15. From the earliest moments of No More Canyons, deep, genuine tensions build into a magnificent spray of guitar to send chills up the spine within a split second. After several listens to the underlying growl of this gem with back flat to the floor, cigarette burning in hand, I couldn't help but check the press info once again for further details. As it turns out, the song you are hopefully already listening to will eventually belong to a Spring 2011 full-length album titled The Big Fear. Also, the next live performance for Quiet Lights will take place on February 11 at local Brooklyn venue Bruar Falls.

Such a beautiful song...

MP3: No More Canyons

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