Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunshine Factory: Sugar LP

Although any thought of ourselves being quick off the mark in finding a new release makes for sweet dreams in MML-land, a swift nudge from friends is often required to guide us in the right directions for music. This time around, like-minded music blogger Mike of Powerpopulist was kind enough to shed light on today's featured artist and we can't thank him enough for the tip. The Sunshine Factory is a Mobile, Alabama based trio consisting of musicians Ian Taylor (guitars, vocals), Sally Robertson (bass, vocals) and Mathew Hendrich (percussion) who began honing their sound as a band in 2008. Following up on an impressive July 2009 debut album in Vintage Revolution, the band recently made available a collection of 10 new songs that left our jaws resting comfortably on the floor from the very first listen. The new full-length offering, titled Sugar, was released late in December 2010 and provides nothing less than a kick to the shins for old shoegazers resting on their laurels. While immediate comparisons can be drawn to My Bloody Valentine, there is much more involved within the sound. Similarities ranging from the mid 80s gentle-garage flavour of Game Theory to the early 90s loveliness of Ultra Vivid Scene certainly present themselves, however, The Sunshine Factory manages to deliver a beautiful presence completely unique and of their own. After extended and repeated listening, most any song from the Sugar LP could easily serve as a highlight, so we almost-randomly selected the very last track to share with you...

MP3: Head Becomes The Tomb

Yes, the entire album really is this good and happens to be one of our favourites in a long while.. The next chance you will have to check out a live performance takes place on March 5 at local Mobile venue Alabama Music Box, after which the band travels into the northeastern states with Brooklyn, New York and Boston, Massachusetts in mind. For an idea of what to expect once this three-piece takes the stage, we also have an assortment of live videos as well as an earlier song for your listening enjoyment. Love this band.

From the 2009 debut full-length release Vintage Revolution:
MP3: Hey Spaceman

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