Saturday, December 04, 2010

Tomihira: Blackout EP

MML Quick Trivia:
Q: The very first artist ever to send a physical copy of music to MML?
A: You guessed it... Tomihira.

Nearly five years ago, we excitedly opened our first envelope to find music that would end up forming a long-distance and continuing bond with today's featured artist. For those not familiar, Tomihira is the aptly-named music project of San Francisco, California songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Dean Tomihira, who we first reviewed in March 2006 with a track from his incredible full-length album Play Dead. After following up in May 2006, then again in March 2008 with updated music, a prolonged silence settled in that had us both wondering... where is Dean? Rest assured, we've found our old friend and there is now a brand new release we can enthusiastically shout from rooftops about. Blackout EP is an upcoming mini-collection of four beautiful songs that will be made available for early 2011 consumption through a label not yet disclosed. A mystery for all at this point. As an exclusive preview, we bring you a first listen to one of our favourite songs from the EP...

Exclusive MP3: Flutterbie

With noticeable additions in electronic accompaniment, crisp new acoustics and moments of borderline-shoegaze layered guitars, Tomihira manages to exceed any relevance-factor, evolving without losing a single ounce of the original sound we first fell in love with. However smitten we are with Blackout EP, the mere thought of these tracks serving as firm footing towards a possible 2011 long-player is enough to keep our collective imagination rolling for quite some time. The next live performance takes place this very evening as Dean Tomihira takes the stage along with percussionist Markkus Rovito at Seattle, Washington venue The Josephine. As if you needed any more convincing, we also have a few previous recordings to share. Enjoy and stay in touch for updates as soon as the new EP drops.

From the New Order tribute album Community 2 (2006)
MP3: Mr. Disco

From the release Play Dead (2005)
MP3: World Class
MP3: Pillbox

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