Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Often times, we have the fortunate opportunity to re-visit previously featured musicians and the various new endeavors or directions they decide to explore. In the case of today's MML offering, we find ourselves with a compelling debut single that might just send a few chills up the spine for those familiar with the artists involved. Morpheme is a brand new transatlantic collaboration of Chicago, Illinois duo Perry Pelonero and Kim Welsh from long-time shoegaze outfit Skylight as well as their current band Bliss City East and London, UK musician/programmer Dean Garcia of Curve (yes, that Curve) who also has a lovely trio of his own in SPC ECO. The newly released single, simply titled Infection, presents the perfect combination of danceable dream-pop and swirling guitars that both seem to beg for ear-bleed volume levels. Perfectly suitable for cocktails by a strobe-lit dance floor or resting the side of your head against a billowing stage amplifier, Morpheme provides a glimpse into the endless possibilities that could and should stem from this formidable introduction. We look forward to more from this music project... much more.

The song for you.

MP3: Infection

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Anonymous said...

awesome new music! =)

solatube said...

I'm still hoping they'd come down to Perth to share their music. From one lonesome Ozzie to another. Please?