Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I have a confession to make. Despite the date on this post saying February 28th, I'm actually posting it retrospectively, in late July. This is because - in case you haven't spotted this - we're updating (or back-dating, rather) the archives on here with the stuff we've been featuring on our MySpace group since November 2005. Nothing wrong with that, but I just had to explain that bit so that it'll make sense when I say: wow... I can't believe how much great stuff we've featured on that group and that I've totally forgotten about in the ensuing months! This band being a case in point. I've just sat here listening to them for the past hour, and have to say that this is absolutely beautiful stuff, and that their dreamy, languid sound is just perfect for the oppresively hot summer's day on which I find myself sat here writing this post. Heavenly, in fact.

Siblings Tim and Steven Batke formed Faunts in their hometown of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) in autumn 2000, with Paul Arnusch and Joel Hitchcock joining shortly afterwards. They signed to Friendly Fire Recordings in 2005, and released the album High Expectations/Low Results (from which this song is taken) last November. Given that I've already 'fessed up to the fact that I'm writing this in July, not February, I can tell you that the band have suffered a few hitches over the past year, including Joel Hitchcock leaving the band and the cancellation of a US tour they had planned (note to band: please schedule another one for sometime when I'm in the States!), but that things look to be picking up again: the good news is that they've been working on new material, including a new EP set for release this September, and have added some new members to their lineup.

I could wax lyrical about how very lovely this music is, but that would just embarrass us all - my powers of description are somewhat lacking when it comes to music like this, and I think Faunts deserve to be have theirs heard rather than subjected to my hopeless attempts to capture it in words! So now I just need to tell you where you can go to find news on the band, listen to more music, and more importantly, buy the album. Here goes: the Faunts website and MySpace page are both good bets if you're looking for news updates or want to hear/download more of the band's material. And should you wish to purchase the full album (and after hearing this song and the other tasters the band have put out there, how could you not?), you'll find it at the Friendly Fire Shop for USD $10, shipping included. Hell, why not pick up some stuff by their equally wonderful labelmates Asobi Seksu while you're at it...

MP3: What I'd Love To Hear You Say

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