Monday, February 20, 2006

Eiffel Tower

Okay... this writeup might have to be a bit on the short side as I just sent myself cross-eyed trying to quickly glean some info from the band's website; is it just me who is driven insane by those impressive-looking Flash sites? Maybe it is - they look impressive, after all, but I just want to find stuff quickly!

Anyway. What I did gather before abandoning the task was that Brooklyn, NY's Eiffel Tower is principally the music of Benjamin Wheelock, who has been playing music since a very early age, being the song of a classical composer and a music historian; his lifelong immersion in music can be heard in the complexity that lies behind the catchiness of Eiffel Tower's songs. After the release of a debut album on which he sang every word and played every note (the album's called Eiffel Tower and available from Monitor Records), Wheelock started working with some more New York-based musicians, Trevor Bajus, Sarah Siplak, Martin Olson and Chris Mueller, resulting in a more complex sound still. Eiffel Tower's first album release as a five-piece will be Smallish Things, which comes out on Zero One Infinity, the digital-only offshoot of March Records, on March 17th - check the Zero One Infinity site for more info on where to get hold of it.

More information and music can be found on Eiffel Tower's website (where I just managed to find the non-Flash online press kit, which would have made things much easier on my poor eyes - d'oh!), and also their MySpace page. This is very nice stuff, I can't stop listening to it.

MP3: Cannibalized

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