Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Illogical Time Concerns

San Francisco, California-based musicians John Ricksen and Mark Ricksen are brothers we originally featured as part of the post-shoegaze band Collider last year in January 2010. Not having any recent updates to go on, we found ourselves with a much welcomed message explaining their ongoing music project Illogical Time Concerns. As a result of writing and recording music since 2004, the Ricksen brothers are now gracious enough to share their entire seven year discography, which can heard and downloaded (completely free) by visiting the Illogical Time Concerns Website. Having only begun our journey in sorting through the numerous tracks involved, we can already give a solid recommendation to our MML regulars for doing the same. Dream-pop, shoegaze, psychedelic or however some would choose to label the sound... we just dig it. The latest release, titled Neu Symbols EP, was just made available a couple of weeks ago and we have an impressive song to whet the palate. Here you go.

MP3: Empire

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