Thursday, October 14, 2010

True Womanhood: Ghost Modern LP

Early on this year, in February 2010, we listened and fell deeply for Washington D.C. trio True Womanhood and their debut EP offering Basement Membranes. Over the summer, fortune was ours as the band stopped through Cincinnati for an August show at Northside area venue Mayday. The performance was lovely and frontman/guitarist Thomas Redmond was wonderful enough to slip us a promotional CD, including nine completed tracks wrapped in a simple brown sleeve with a receipt-like piece of paper listing the songs. Ghost Modern LP is the working title for this collection of new unreleased music which ended up being recorded and mixed by J Robbins (Jawbox... need I say more?). After having our hands and ears all over the promo disc for quite a while now, we need to remind all to keep True Womanhood very much in mind. The Ghost Modern release date, or even label(s) for that matter, have yet to be decided but we can give you one of many highlights as a preview. Expect another MML follow-up once the dust settles.

MP3: Last Rites

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