Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elisa Ferrari

Surprising as it may seem, Austin, Texas has never really been a frequent destination for our music explorations. Not that we have anything against the enormous annual arts festival or equally regarded music scene all of those other days the year has to offer. It just seems a daunting task to sort through the gazillion or so artists who happen to inhabit this particular music mecca. That all changes today as we bring you a lovely female vocalist and her unique take on traditional American folk music. Elisa Ferrari is an Argentinian-born singer/songwriter based in Austin who has spent most of her life surrounded by musical influence. From receiving a nylon-stringed guitar as a childhood Christmas present from her uncle, to a Master's degree in ethnomusicology, Ferrari continues her momentum having assembled a backing troupe of local musicians and releasing a November 2009 full-length album titled Isla de Niños. Let's get started with a preview... shall we?

MP3: Yellow Box

For those who are already listening with interest, the balance of music contained within the new album Isla de Niños is an equally impressive and beautiful listen. If the haunting accompaniment of piano, resonating bells and clever hints of guitar were not enough to send your senses off to sea, Ms. Ferrari's warm vocals might easily have you settling into a favourite chair, cocktail in hand and head kicked back, for a blurry ceiling fan meditation session. An unexpected, yet welcomed treat for late 2009. As for the new year, Elisa Ferrari will be performing live on January 15 at local Austin venue Momo's. One last gem of a song from this latest release...

MP3: Bali

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