Monday, August 10, 2009

The Sky Drops: Bourgeois Beat

We've been anticipating this moment for a very long time and are now fortunate enough to present new music from a pair of artists who happen to be personal favourites of the MML blog. Our original review of Wilmington, Delaware musicians Rob Montejo (guitar, vocals) and Monika Bullette (drums, vocals) took place in May 2006 with a follow up in April 2007 as well as another mention in January 2009. As a follow-up to their 2006 EP Clouds Of People, The Sky Drops will release their brand new, full-length debut, titled Bourgeois Beat, tomorrow, August 11, 2009. After having an excited and extended listen to the new music, we have a simple question. Is it too early to start talking about best-of-year releases for 2009? A first listen for you...

MP3: Swimming With Fishes

Whenever those wonderful chills start shooting up our collective spine as anticipated new music takes shape in our ears, the reason for maintaining this music blog becomes quite clear. We highly recommend this new collection of songs and suggest a visit to The Sky Drops MySpace page as well as the newly-remodeled TSD website for more music and information. As a bonus, we've included a YouTube video for the track Truth Is from Bourgeois Beat. Snap up a copy of this thing straight away. Seriously.

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