Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Vidulgi Ooyoo: Aero

After spending the better portion of our week away from updating MML, the opportunity to revisit Vidulgi Ooyoo who we first featured here almost exactly one year ago. [October 2008 review + details + music] is once again a treat for the ears. Thanks to our friends at Korean label Electric Muse, our hot little hands are now in possession of the debut, full-length release Aero we spoke about last year. However belated this secondary recommendation happens to be, please take time to explore what we consider a compulsory audio experience for those in need of a proper shoegaze fix. Low volume for daydreaming or computer speakers at full force and the slow building tension will not fail to wash you out to sea... over and over again.

MP3: Siren

Vidulgi Ooyoo MySpace
Vidulgi Ooyoo Cyworld
Electric Muse Last FM

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Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful I feel like floating down a river of acid laced jello