Monday, June 30, 2008


Another week of adjusting to the new house, with a weekend mountain of heavy-duty yard work to complete, left the both of us tired, absent from the blog and almost yearning for a plate of red meat for this Monday evening. Instead of feeding our carnivorous nature with unhealthy food, it was decided to post a highly palatable rock band from Sweden. Alouatta is a post-hardcore punk quartet from Stockholm consisting of members Karl Burhe (vocals, guitar), Robert Bäckström (bass), Fredrik Eriksson (guitar, vocals) and Zet Enochsson (drums). The band has a year under their collective belt with their 2007 CD-EP, titled Manos Arriba!, as well as brand new 7" vinyl single, aptly titled Animal. If you are already listening to the new lead track and are any type of early to mid-80s hardcore fan, you might actually find yourself thinking of some of the better moments in the career of John Sox/Straw Dogs... or even the FUs. It just hit me that way. For more new music and information, be sure to check out the Alouatta MySpace page and also give Karl a good kick to the shins for sending us this song... our computer speakers and ears thank him. The most recent live performance took place last month at a Kristinehamn event known for the past three years as Widow Street Festival, and there are European and US dates (Cincinnati??) planned for the semi-near future. Volume up please....

MP3: Animal

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