Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Antiques

While we are usually content in presenting a comparison of talented young bands to some of our favorite musicians of the past, today's featured music escapes the usual similarities we can put our collective finger on. I mostly agree with some of the previous reviews of The Antiques in that there is a feeling of early 80's British pop/rock threaded heavily with that time defying lo-fi garage sound we know so well. The difference found and contained within the the brand new CD "Sewn In Stitches" is that there are seemingly no limits or guidelines to which the sound is relegated. The healthy dose of organ accompaniment lends another dimension to the sound and the reverb levels don't hurt things at all. If, for no reason whatsoever, we were given three words to describe this music? Haunting, hollow and lovely would be the front runners although I might not be doing the slightest bit of justice to the music you are hopefully listening to right now.

The Antiques are primarily the Washington D.C. duo of Greg Svitil (vocals, guitar,organ) and Craig Garrett (bass guitar) along with assorted friends to complete the band lineup. For more tracks from the new release and further information stop by The Antiques MySpace page. Also, check out The Antiques Website for additional downloadable music and some insight. The May 22 released LP Sewn In Stitches is currently available from the band's label Sanfranin Sound and is an album we recommend highly. Listen for yourself...

MP3: Tied To Nowhere

MP3: One Day You'll Be Sorry Too

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